Malmi adds strength and speed to the backfield

Malmi adds strength and speed to the backfield

Malmi Blaze just signed a new player. Robert Hayden Signore wrote a one-year contract for the season 2016. This deal is ideal for the Blaze. Hayden Signore 20 -years old, 5’11” and 175lbs played at Apex Cougars High School team at North Carolina, that is one of the top ranked high schools in the state. Signore played mostly as a cornerback and outside linebacker, but also in a freshman year he used to play running back. Signore is going to bring the necessary experience in the defensive backfield and will play safety/cornerback position for the Blaze. He can cover the field from throwing threat and will give the required hardness and run support for the linebackers in the defense. He’s a dangerous weapon for the defense as he was the quaterbacks nightmare in the high school because of his speed and hard hitting skills. Signore will also give some new opportunities for Malmi’s offensive playbook, because Blaze could use him also as a running back position.

He is already joined the team practice squad and we had a small interview with Signore about how he feel joining for 2016 season with Malmi Blaze after his first practice.

12226467_10207960248549941_955346477_nYou just had your very first practice with Malmi Blaze. How do you feel about joining Blaze family and did you get into team well?
I feel like Blaze is a perfect place to play. The players have a friendly attitude and have a clear winning drive that would make anyone happy to be a part of.

You took a break from football after ended your high school career at Apex Cougars. How did you end up in Malmi Blaze and finnish III-Division league?
I’ve always had a passion for football, and WR Ilmo Jokelainen saw this in me so he asked me to come try out for the team. I knew after the first practice that this was a great place to be.

What was your position at the high school and what position are you going to play at Malmi Blaze?
Throughout my high school career I played a few positions. My freshman year I played fullback and defensive end, after my freshman year I moved to a CB and outside linebacker. I hope to play running back again this year however I’m happy to play the position that the team needs me at the most.

What’s your strenghts for the football and Blaze? 12232967_10207960248709945_1462715561_n
The biggest strength I bring to the team would have to be my knowledge of the game. I’ve been around the game for my whole life so I have at least a basic knowledge of every position. As far as physical strength it would have to be my speed. I was one of the fastest kids on my high school team and I’m sure it will carry over to this league.

What do you expect from you and the team for upcoming season?
As far as myself I expect to grow as a football player and a teammate. As a unit I expect at least a .500 record if we can keep our positive attitude and are willing to learn from each other.

12212319_10207960248309935_1502397965_nThere’s some rumors that Blaze will have a strenght, experienced and mobile offensive line for the next season. How you feel about that?
This is great news for our QB’s and RB’s. Since this is our first year in the 11 on 11 league it will make the transiton for them just a little more easy.

You know that Blaze has played only 7vs7 football before upcoming season, and now when they promoted to the upper division and the game is going to be 11vs11. What do you think whether this going to make big impact of the team’s off-season practice and preparation for the upcoming season?
I feel this this will have a large impact on our preparation In the offseason. Our QB’s will have to practice passing under pressure. It seems like a small change, but the way a QB behaves under pressure can change a whole season. The moving to the 11 on 11 is a big step forward for us as a team. This is football as the way it’s intended to be played. We have a lot of new things to implement on both sides of the ball, but I feel our team has the drive and the tools to be one of the best in the division.